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Dog Training Services
Here at the K9 Korral there are many options available for our human and canine guests. We have 43 acres of trees, trails, water...canine and human heaven, I believe! Please check the Coming Events section of this website for additional details on courses offered here and at Emeryville Animal Hospital.

We also offer private lessons in your home, at the clinic or on the farm, whatever would work best for you and your dog. We can customize any training package your dog needs.


Our obedience classes focus not just on training but on behavior modification. The most common difficulty we see is miscommunication. You will learn to communicate with your dog effectively. We will help you to understand your dog's body language and they will learn to read yours in a constructive way. We train in a positive environment, building on the dog's good behavior with positive reinforcement. This minimizes or eradicates difficult behaviors which your dog may be exhibiting, such as... These are custom lessons tailored to the individual handler and dog. We can help you teach your dog to... In other words, we help your dog become a good canine citizen with manners.

In addition to our training classes, check out our Dog Training CDs section for a variety of techniques that are available to address these and other issues.


Our performance classes include instruction in agility, flyball, barrel racing, and Frisbee. Whether you are out for the fun or you want to compete, we can help you get out there, have fun and win!!!

An Agility course consists of a series of obstacles that the dog and handler negotiate together. These include bar jumps, tire jump, teeter totter, pause table, tunnels, dog walk and A-frame. It is a veritable circus for the dog! Regardless of a dog's size, they all love it! Even senior dogs enjoy the exercise. Pups get to work off some energy. Agility teaches the dog... When the two of you work as one, it really enhances the bond between you. Plus, it is GREAT exercise for both dog and handler! Kids do well with this and they really enjoy it. We offer agility courses at both beginners and advanced levels.

Flyball is a team sport. A team of 6 dogs compete with other teams. The dogs run a straight line and jump 4 hurdles on the way to the box. When they hit the box with their paw, a ball is released. They catch the ball and return to the handler over the hurdles at speed while the other members of the team await their turn to run to the box. Dogs really love this sport and training for it is fairly easy.

Barrel Racing for dogs is exactly the same as barrel racing for horses. The dog has a cloverleaf pattern to run. They wrap around the barrels as tight and as fast as possible and then return back to their handler. It is a timed event and very easy to train. The dog gets a great workout!

With Frisbee all you need is your dog and a disc and you will be off on one great time of fun and exercise! Let us help you get started! If your dog does not retrieve yet, we will help you. You can do it just for fun or enter competitions with your dog. It is a great family day and very price effective! There are a number of clubs now and different styles of Frisbee.

Dancing with Your Dog

This is a course that trains your dog in some dance routines that are put to music. It offers exercise for you and your dog. Both dogs and people have a lot of fun doing it! Please check the Coming Events section of this website for class dates and other important details.


Many of our dogs are overweight, just as many of us are! This is a course structured with weight loss in mind for both dog and handler. It offers ideas on how to get your pooch and you in better shape and enjoy it! You won't keep at something if you don't enjoy it and this is fun!

Pack Walks

This is where we organize a walk with our canines and family or friends. We teach the dogs to get along with each other. We help them learn to stay with the handler and come when called. Along the walk we do little exercises with the dog to reinforce good manners. You are shown how to meet events on your walk with confidence and handle situations well. If the dogs have good social skills, they can roam off leash with the other dogs; if they don't, we help them to develop them! We have different lengths of time for the pack walks and different challenges in athletic ability and endurance. It is great for the whole family!

K-9 Massage and Energy Work

We can, in co-operation with your veterinarian, help you to ease your pet's strained muscles or encourage healing for your dog's injury. You will learn to detect soreness and become more proactive in total body health care for your dog. You and your dog are a total package of mind, body and spirit. We can show you, if you care to learn, how to do massage and energy work on your dog in your own home so you can take an active role in their healing process and in keeping them healthy.


Sometimes groups of friends like to get together and rent the 43 acres for a blocked time to practice their skills on the equipment or just walk around the farm with their dogs without having to worry about other dogs, cars or other people. At this time the fee for that option is $25.00/hr. That price includes the whole group, so the cost can be divided among participants.

Dog Races and Lure Coursing

Currently we are working on starting some races for the dogs and lure coursing. It is under construction and availability will depend on demand.