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Terri Coutts
1128 Brush Road
RR#2 Essex, Ontario, Canada
N8M 2X6

Phone: 519-726-6699
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For the LOVE of Dogs
Terri, Chewy and Cricket
Raised on a farm, Terri has been involved with animals all of her life, working with both dogs and horses. At the farm, always her focus was on a holistic approach using the body, mind and spirit. She has always recognized that a positive mentality of believing, sound diet and exercise, and energy work have a dramatic effect in the health of animals.

She has competed with her horses in Pleasure classes, barrel racing and endurance racing (25,35,50,100 mile races). She took active part with the harness horses which her family raised and competed with at the race track. Her role was keeping them sound, healthy and racing well. She employed techniques which, in those days, were considered radical, utilizing the energy of the Universe and of the animal.

Terri has successfully competed with her dogs in Obedience shows, conformation shows, and agility. She has had experience working with most breeds and all group of dogs - hounds, terriers, working, herding, non-sporting, and toy.

She has bred, trained and raised working and herding breeds. She believes that a good start in young animals is imperative and will greatly impact their future. She has utilized imprinting and found it very valuable in helping the animals in their life with people.

Terri has taken courses in canine behaviour and equine psychology. Her training methods focus on positive reinforcement and observance of the individual to address their needs. As an intuitive, Terri uses her intuitive skills not only with people but also with animals. She has trained tracking dogs, as well as service dogs for diabetics, autistic children, MS, and Parkinsons.

She has taken courses in Healing Hands, polarity, reflexology, Linda Tellington Jones Methods, Greg Deriit agility, sub-groups of Susan Garret through her trainer in London for agility.

For many years Terri has been involved in working with people and canines in their health challenges. She has taken many seminars in London and Michigan for human health issues and nutrition, holistic and traditional. Nutrition is one of her favorite topics for both people and animals. She volunteered with Hospice for 7 years, as well as with Windsor Victim Services.

She currently has a 43 acre farm on which her 15 dogs play and live happily with her while she takes them on pack walks, ATV-ing, rollerblading and swimming. She spends much of her time, with the assistance of her dogs, helping other dogs to adjust to our changing needs in society and their role with their humans.

Terri hosts an intuitive radio show on CKLW AM800 on Monday evenings 7-9 pm. She also does readings for both people and dogs in person or on the phone. She will continue her quest for self development and growth by constantly updating her knowledge with courses and, of course, learning from her animals!